Africa is experiencing a boom due to unprecedented economic and demographic expansion. This reality conceals the fact however, that only a small part of commercial trade on the continent actually takes place between African countries.

The obstacles that hinder movement of people and goods are numerous: difficult roads, limited infrastructure, a small automobile fleet, remote areas, etc.
Finding solutions to the question of mobility is essential to achieving an integrated Africa.

How can we develop mobility that is specifically adapted to the continent’s needs? Intelligent mobility that takes into account the challenges of African urbanization and the expectations of the population and its businesses.

7 November 2019 Duala Cameroon

From Africa to Africa: bringing the regions closer

Long distances, limited road networks, difficult access: joining the dots up in Africa can be very complicated, for people as well as goods. How can we develop mobility so that it supports regional integration and the development of trade between African countries?

4 December 2019 Accra Ghana

Facilitating mobility in the African metropolis

The majority of large African towns are confronted with the problems of urban traffic, disorganized public transport and vehicle fleets in bad condition. Facing these problems, Accra provides many examples of innovative initiatives responding to the challenges of urban mobility.

12 December 2019 Abidjan Ivory Coast

Designed for Africa: adapting mobility to african realities

In full expansion, the highly urbanized area of the Ivory Coast presents a particularly interesting context for anticipating Africa’s mobility solutions of tomorrow. Several projects underway seek to make the vehicle fleet cleaner, safer and more efficiently shared out, and to develop solutions for urban transport.