Africa is experiencing a boom due to unprecedented economic and demographic expansion. However, this reality conceals the fact that only a small part of trade on the continent actually takes place between African countries.  The obstacles that hinder movement of people and goods are numerous: difficult roads, limited infrastructure, a small automobile fleet, remote areas, etc. Finding solutions to the question of mobility is essential to achieving an integrated Africa.

How can we develop mobility that is specifically adapted to the continent’s needs? Intelligent mobility that takes into account the challenges of African urbanization and the expectations of the population and its businesses.

The idea behind the African Mobility Meetings is to propose a travelling workshop that reflects on these issues, looking for answers experimented by government, industrial and business decision-makers across the whole of Africa.

This collective debate is initiated by the Optorg group, a major contributor to mobility in Africa with its two specialties: automobile distribution with the Tractafric Motors network and provision of heavy equipment with its subsidiary Tractafric Equipment.